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Jan 15, 2016

Boots, Vines & Broderie Perse

I've had an idea in my head for several months. As fellow quilters, I'm sure you know how our brains work. 
I love cowboy boots and wanted to do something with them in mind plus dig into my stash.
I'm also using Broderie Perse, which, if you aren't familiar with it, is a French term for a form of applique where images are fussy cut from a fabric and sewn onto a background of another fabric. I will not use the method in every block, however.  
Boot #1 design. You are welcome to copy, enlarge or reduce it. All I ask is that if you post about the designs, please link back to my blog.  
If you have been following the Mini Wednesday, it will be easy for you to take apart the pieces of the design to trace onto your favorite adhesive. I'm in love with Steam-a-Seam and now Heat-n-Bond Lite.

Here is the boot laid out on my non-stick pressing sheet. I've used a piece of Stonehenge fabric. I know it's hard to see that but trust me, it looks good!!

I know this looks funny. What I did was laid the boot on my background fabric but did not press it to set it yet. I used a Fusion Pen, which will disappear when heated, to draw where the vine will appear. As you can see in the first photo, I added two-toned petals.
Every couple of weeks I'll post the next boot block. There will be twelve in all. My blocks measure unfinished 6 1/2". I don't know how I'll sew them all together at this point. If you'd like to join me, feel free.


Gene Black said...

Very interesting. Are the leaves the broderie perse element?

Needled Mom said...

Those are going to be great! I can't wait to see the progress.


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