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Sep 29, 2015

Mini Wednesday

I've decided to delve into the mini quilt world & post about the experience on any given Wednesday.
As most of you know I have a wide selection of background, textural, landscape & grass type fabrics. I really need to use them but find it hard to cut into the stash. It's easier to make use of them in small portions.
I started with the above fabrics trying my hand with mountains & distant trees.
A little foreground activity here using uneven lines.
Fence parts are my favorite thing to add.
Here is the results of my first mini. 
It measures 13" by 14 1/2".


Paula, the quilter said...

That's pretty darn cool, Rhonda!

A Nudge said...

Very nice, Rhonda. Love your fences and the overall effect. Congrats on your first mini landscape.

Guilitta said...

Your Mini looks very good. I like it!

greeting Guilitta

Jacque said...

That is awesome!

manos de chicureo said...

Me gusta mucho el paso a paso en fotos. Se ve fantástico los avances.
I like the step by step photos. Progress looks fantastic.

barcord said...

Lovely mini. Look forward to more.

Anonymous said...

Your mini looks great! It reminds me of the pattern given out at a shop hop here last weekend. Your piece shows me how much more I could do with it! Thanks.

lefuntz said...

What a great mini. Know what would make it better? Buzzard Bait. I'm missing BB.


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