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Mar 5, 2015


It is 27 degrees here in central-ish Texas....a temperature we aren't use to this time of year. I decided to make a pot of homemade chili to denote the cold windy weather. Luckily I had purchased a box of Saltine crackers for Cowboy who eats them like candy. That's another story for another day. 
Anyway, I'm not a fan of Saltines but added to a hot bowl of chili, wonderful. And Cowboy was very happy with the meal as well.


Needled Mom said...

One has to have Saltines with chili and soups!!

Gene Black said...

I love saltines, but with chili I want a good pan of Southern cornbread.
It is 27 here this morning - I am ready for Spring!

Miz Karen said...

Cold day in Georgia so I've got a crock pot full of vegetable soup. Yum!

lefuntz said...

Saltines go great with chili. Cornbread goes great with chili. Grilled cheese sandwiches go great with chili (my favorite). And cold rainy days go great with chili. We had the cold rainy days earlier this week and now we're having a heat wave. 80's and lots of sunshine. I'm hoping spring warms you up soon!

A Nudge said...

Yes! Saltines go with chili and soup just like popcorn and movies.
Stay Warm, Rhonda!

Anonymous said...

I know you were feeling that cold! Do you even have a coat for that weather? The chili looks really good, and is making me hungry for some!

Miz Karen said...

I think of us as friends so I wanted you to know that our house burned to the ground Monday afternoon. I am so thankful for my Church family, neighbors, and family. This quilter has lost her sewing machines, quilts and fabric plus all the tools necessary to make quilts. Also lost my embroidery CDs but my quilt shop has a list of everything I have purchased there. My Church will give us a Shower of Blessing when we are ready to move into our new house. Thank God for all His Blessings in our life.

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