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Feb 26, 2015

I Stand Before You.....

My Cowboy has heard the outcry from all my blogging friends who have followed along with BB's life on the farm. Many thanks to Vicki, Homemother, lefuntz, Tammy, Gene, Marie, Needled Mom, Joyce, Kris and Linda. He read and reread each comment, laughed a bit but finally got the picture.

 I really don't think he had any idea of the bond we all had with BB but believe me when I tell you, he does now........what with a few overly salted meals, a shopping spree on my part, reading your comments and my threats of selling a couple of his golf clubs on our local trading post radio station......he was convinced that "we" meant business about selling a prized "named" critter before discussing it with me.

So with his cap over his heart and a solemn look about his handsome face, he has apologized profusely. Thanks everyone!!!!
Don't mess with my beloved "named" critters. I don't name everyone of them just the ones that have special issues........just saying......wink, wink!!!


lefuntz said...

I forgive but I don't forget. He has a farm to run and BB was just an animal to deal with in the best way for business. That she was so much more to us is probably difficult for Mr. Cowboy to understand. I'll bet he is happy you don't name all the animals!

Homemother said...

It was so kind of your cowboy to apologize as he did. All is forgiven. We only ask for a warning to prepare our hearts for the inevitable. On my dad's farm, all the milking cows had names and we knew most of them. A time would come for some of them when my dad would solemnly say, "Ginger isn't giving enough milk." We knew what was next and said our goodbys. Sigh.

Joyce Carter said...

Tell Mr. Cowboy that his apology has been heard and accepted. But please give us fair warning if a "next time" comes up. I really enjoy looking at all the animals and hearing about them. But I know that a time must come for some of them to go some where else. So it would be nice to see them at least one more time. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Glad I was able to help! He may be adorable, but he's not immune to the wrath of cute-cow-loving women. I have pictures of me in diapers at my grandparents home/farm in Arkansas, where he had coyotes chained up, and in other places there were pelts hung up. There was a bounty on them (this was about 1947 or '48). I don't have any memory of them, but it makes me sad to see the pictures of what I now know were coyotes on their way to their "last roundup." I'm sure they were a nuisance to the cows and crops, but I just hate to see animals killed, and to see trees cut down! I guess I'm a tree-hugging hippie at heart...8-)

xo Linda

Gene Black said...

Give the cowboy a hug - and then remind him *firmly* that we are all watching.

Tammy said...

Ahh Rhonda....He is sweet to apologize.... He sound slike a loving cowboy...Make him something special for dinner and tell him you have first dibs on the next calf and it will be a mascot for the blog so he will never be able to sell it...


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