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Feb 21, 2015

Assured, I Think Not!

What is wrong with this photo, you ask??? Look closely......
Where is BuzzardBait?
OMG, I turned my back for an hour to do some grocery shopping and BuaazrdBait was gone. Everyday I look out my back window and see her and the others girls grazing or fighting over range cubes. It's one of the joys of my life because she came from nearly dying and being eaten by turkey buzzards to the beauty that you see below. So I became worried when I couldn't see her.
When I asked my honey, Mr. Cowboy, where she was, do you know what he said?????
 He said, "I sold her!"
 "You sold her! What does that mean? No, don't answer that cause I know what it means but how could you do that to her?!"
By now, I'm beside myself. What if someone wants to EATS her, OMG!!!!!!
Cowboy sees that I'm totally freaked out and eyeing him like I want to do bodily harm. He tried to assure me that BuzzardBait went to a good home and would be a momma soon enough. Of course I didn't want to hear any of this. He said it all came down to who was producing and who wasn't and that I really shouldn't have named her and become attached. (The lecture)
I'm now plotting something dire like selling his cow trailer or maybe his prized golf clubs. 
This isn't finished!!

So long me sweet BB!


Vicki H said...

Oh NO! I'm sorry. It does remind me of my grandpa naming all their cows after my grandma's sisters. So I know they didn't eat them.

Homemother said...

I really understand your feelings. This happened so many times on our farm. My father never named the male calves because they were going to auction. He usually kept us separated from them, too, because, if we knew, we would bawl our eyes out when the calves left. It's a good thing many joys were happening, too. Kept life in balance.

lefuntz said...

You need to tell him your followers are upset too! Buzzard Bait wan't any ol cow. She was special. I could cry!

Tammy said...

That's so hard when you become attached to the animals...Hugs to you my sweet friend.

Gene Black said...

that is the danger of getting attached to farm animals. I have seen it happen that some were raised and then they couldn't eat them.

Marie said...

Oh How I can relate to this, My FIL sold "Pretty Face" as my children named this really sweet little calf and some time later had the nerve to come to my home with meat for the freezer. Needless to say we didn't eat any of it and were not happy with him for a LONG time. Revenge is the word!!! Hugs, Marie

Needled Mom said...

Oh no! I will wait to follow this tale.

Joyce Carter said...

OH NO! I can't believe he did that without saying something. I feel the loss, too. Tell him all your followers are going to miss her as well.
I grew up on a farm and we named ALL the animals. How else could you keep up with them?

krislovesfabric said...

I feel for you! When we first got chickens we had a motley group of different breeds of hens and one solo white one. My tiny niece named her after herself...chicken Julia. Sadly, she only lived a year and my niece was crushed...I felt so bad!

Anonymous said...

Poor BB, poor Rhonda! I'm surprised the man can still walk upright! They just don't understand, do they?!?!?! I will be waiting for the next installment. Remember, enlist a friend to help you hide the body!

xo Linda

Anonymous said...

Now I see what happened. Oh, dear. Good he has taken "the pledge" or something awful might have happened to him - worse than indigestion!


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