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Dec 4, 2014

A Roaring Christmas Present

As you may know, Ayden is now in kindergarten and loving very moment of it. I get to visit the class about twice a month. Her teacher is very nice to allow me to sit in unobtrusive as possible.......;-]
I recently asked her what her favorite colors are and also her aid's as well.
After finding out what was what, I am inspired to make them a little something for Christmas.
The school's mascot is a lion, so that's going to be the back of the mini quilt.
I draw what I thought was a nonthreatening lion then pulled some fabrics.
I am loving what I see but then I needed to find a good mane fabric.
I like this one but realized the lion's face would get lost unless I figured out a solution.
Black fabric is the fix....oh dear, all I need to so is figure out a way to get that in place.....onward!!
Finally I got it all together. I think she will love this part. Now I need to do a front to the mini quilt. Her favorite colors are orange and white.....now you see why I did the lion first. Orange and white are colors I'll have to think about.
BTW......no fabric was purchased in the making of this project!


Gene Black said...

You did a great job on the lion. It is very nice.

Gari in AL said...

You are so talented. Great lion.

Needled Mom said...

That looks fabulous. I can't wait to see it finished.

Kathy L said...

She will love it!

Tammy said...

Ohh I know they will love the quilts....I bet you enjoy every moment you get to spend in Aydens class.... She is blessed to have you for a grandmaw

Vicki H said...

I can't believe how creative you are. It's awesome.

Anonymous said...

That is just fabulous! She will love it - what a wonderful inspiration.


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