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Nov 22, 2014

What I've Been Doing

First, I made pink cupcakes for Ayden's birthday. The class gobbled them up!!
Next, there was a grade level Thanksgiving program. The kids were adorable all dressed up. Afterwards, they sat down to a great feast provided by the parents & grandparents.
Baby Austin showed up to encourage big sister. And GoGo was all over those fat cheeks. I did manage to get most of the lipstick off......;-)


Gene Black said...

Hi Rhonda. It is good to see that you have been spending time with family. The children are so cute.

Kathy L said...

Beautiful grandkids!

Barb said...

Too cute, let me have a go at him...I don't wear lipstick!!!

Carmen y Prady said...

Una fiesta estupenda, los niños estan preciosos.
Un beso

Needled Mom said...

Family times are always the best. Those are some great cheeks for kissing. The children are so cute.

diane said...

Love what you've been doing, spending time with super cute grandkids and their going ons. What a gram you are!

lefuntz said...

The lipstick just says "Grandma was here!"

Holee said...

Miss your posts! Baby is getting so big and love sister's tutu..wow if she can eat all that food!! You have a great Thanksgiving!

Joyce Carter said...

Time spent with grandchildren is time well spent. They are both sooo cute.I would love to tweak those sweet little cheeks, too. I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Best way to spend some time! Family first and foremost, and those are the cutest little family members. What great smiles.

Tammy said...

She is too cute in that lil tutu skirt. I remember like yesterday when my Savannah was that age... And my goodness Austin is getting bigger. They grow up way too quickly as you well know. Enjoy every moment you can get with them.


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