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Jul 18, 2014

Out of My Mind

The hay process has stopped for the moment due to all the wonderful rain we are having here in central-ish Texas. I say that because this type of rainy weather is unheard of in the middle of July in Texas and the temp is 70 degrees but nobody that I've spoken to is complaining.
Anyway, I decided to get in some machine embroidery but first I'd have to load the CD on my new computer. Of course I have forgotten how to do that so I pulled out my trusty Janome Handbook, got out the CD and started to read the instructions.
Aren't you proud of the fact that I actually was reading the instructions!!!!
I got to the part where it mentioned that I'd need to insert the "dongle" when prompted.....
......omg......where is my dongle. This is not something that can be easily replaced.
I couldn't remember where I'd put it and if the handbook hadn't shown a picture of it, I'm not sure I'd have remembered what it looked like. This was like losing my MoJo..........omg.......
So, I started searching. I knew it couldn't be in too many places.

1. Looked the my Janome carrying case......not there.
2. Looked in my Janome front storage panel......not there.
3. Looked in several thread drawers under my Janome........not there.

At this point, I began to panic but was still hopeful. I started a more serious search.
I poured out all of the drawers under my machine......btw, that's eight of them and thread, scissors, needles and other sewing paraphernalia were everywhere... (sorry I didn't get a photo of that mess because by then I wasn't thinking clearly....as in hair standing on end, glasses askew, rumpled clothing and frayed nerves)

Have you ever heard that you can't see for looking????
That was me because after ten frantic minutes or so where I'd overlooked the "thing," I found it..........can you say WHEW!!!!
Here's what the dongle looks like. I thanked the Heavens, kissed my dongle and happily had my computer identify it.
By then, I was totally out of the mood to do any machine embroidery.
FYI.........put your dongle where you can easily find it.


Mara said...

Totally hilarious, I can't believe they called it a dongle?

lefuntz said...

I'm glad you didn't lose your dongle, or your mind. Go and enjoy the rain for me. Our drought continues and water conservation is going to be mandatory..

Chantal said...

My Gosh! Is that what they call it? I would have needed to Google the word and press images to see what I had to look for because I had NO idea LOL. So happy you found it. It will just be postponed until another machine-embroidery-get-it-done feeling comes along.

Patty said...

Glad you didn't loose your dongle...or your mind! Enjoy the rain I know you guys need it.

Jacque said...

Haha! Fabulous post....I'm still giggling! I would have needed to search and search, too!

Gene Black said...

I know they want to prevent piracy, but those things that use dongles like that can make you crazy.


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