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Jul 10, 2014

Mug Rug Thursday

The winner of Froggy is #15 Lefuntz. 
Congratulations to you!!! Just leave a comment so that we can talk!!

Wow, my summer is in full swing what with gardening, canning, cutting and baling hay and many other happening that life has thrown my way so I'm going on a hiatus from Mug Rug Thursday for awhile but I'll be back after life settles down. I should be able to post once a week but who knows!!

I hope everyone is having a great month of July. I say that instead of "summer" because some of my blogging friends are experiencing fall and winter in other countries. I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends who bring a smile to my face each time I get to sit down for a few minutes to read your blogs.

Anyone else busy with life's wonderfulness????? I'd love to hear what you are doing.


Gene Black said...

Congrats to Lefuntz. I know Froggy will be enjoyed.

Needled Mom said...

Congratulations Lefuntz.

The months all seem so busy here. Each time I think it will slow down something else pops up. I guess it keeps us out of trouble.

Joyce Carter said...

Congratulations Lefuntz!
We don't have a garden, but I do get produce to freeze. I have some squash and green beans to fix today.
Stay cool and try not to do too much in one day!

Chantal said...

Way to go Lefuntz!
I try to be outside as much as I can. I enjoy summer with its lazy days because soon it'll be winter again and the rush of everything at home and at work. Hope you catch a breather soon and enjoy some sewing even if you are not blogging.

lefuntz said...

Thank You all! Summer is busy here too. My hubby has a weeks vacation coming up soon and we're planning a trip up the coast. My oldest granddaughter want to come over and make a quilt. My little herb garden needs tending but I haven't been very good there. Keep us post on what you're growing and canning Rhonda!


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