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Jul 14, 2014

Monday, Monday

I finished the borders and machined "The Duke" last week. Some of you aided me by voting on your favorite setting, 1 or 2. I went with #2 because it was the last one laid out and I just didn't have time to rearrange it back to #1....who has been in that situation...I was just too lazy tired to rearrange.  The last border was done from the leftover strips and last bigger pieces from the kite fabric, which, BTW, is one of my all time favorite fabrics. Why I didn't purchase several bolts of that fabric, I just don't know (LOL).
The quilt measures 36 inches square and will be given to my help hands ladies.  I was determined to get this one finished even though I was canning and baling hay, (Oh, I'm the helper in the hay baling process but it's still takes up a lot of my time).  If it doesn't rain again any time soon, we'll just do a couple more weeks of baling. I can't believe I'm hoping for no more rain in the near future. It's been unseasonably rainy and wet here in central Texas......don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining one bit.
I've scheduled this post to appear on Monday and I hope it works. It's Friday now and I'm off to do more canning and mow the yard plus a few more chores that have to get done.
Make sure to stop by our wonderful hostess, Judy to see what other are doing in the great month of JULY!!
Near our hay fields some of the cows were grazing. We rode over to give them some cookies (range cubes) and I spotted this little heifer, a tiger stripe. She stands out in the crowd with her coloring and boy, can she run.


Needled Mom said...

John came out so well!!! Nice finish.

You must be incredibly busy with the baling and the canning. No wonder you were too tired to change any settings! I'll be hoping for rain for you - just a wee bit!

The markings on the heifer are great.

Tammy said...

That heifer does have unique markings, She's a cutie

Ramona said...

My mom would love you wall hanging. It looks great! And I hear you about being too tired to rearrange something.

Chantal said...

I'm sure the Duke is very happy with this quilt. Looks great. And so is that cow. Love it. Does it moo or does it growl? LOL! I am never too tired to rearrange anything in my sewing room ... I leave that feeling for the kitchen!! :D

Barb said...

Love "The duke"

you do sound busy....


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