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Jul 22, 2014

Grape Jelly

 Here's a quick recap of my Mustang grape canning escapades ....
After fermenting over night. The smell is wonderful.
After boiling & simmering for an hour or so.
Here's how the grapes look after I pulverized them a couple of times.
Final results - 4qts, 8pts, 4 half pts.
There are loads more grapes on the vine but do I have the energy to pick and process them. Only time will tell but this old girl is tiring!!!!!!!
While I was canning my Cowboy came in from golfing with his buddies & had changed into his work boots to begin cutting in the hay fields. He decided to leave the golfing attire on. I just had to snap this photo.


Gene Black said...

Mmmmm grape preserves. Yum!

Tammy said...

Yummy looking table full of hard work

Holee said...

I can smell those grapes all the way across the country! A quick refreshing treat is to just wash the grapes, dry them off and put a bowl in the freezer. On those hot days in Texas just popping a frozen grape in your mouth tickles the taste buds and the cold refreshes!

Had to laugh at the photo. My DGD is so attached to the cowgirl boots I bought her while living in Texas, she lives in them. I was shocked when she lifted her prom gown to display her freshly polished red boots!

Holee said...

Forgot to say...I see a quilt pattern in that floor!

Needled Mom said...

Come winter, you will be thrilled to have that taste of summer. I have to get out and pick our Concord grapes soon for jelly. UGH!

Anonymous said...


Love the boots~ hugs~

Vicki H said...

Oh, the fruits of your labor look great.

Barb said...

Oh my, they do look good. I would so love to have grapes, maybe I need to plant some.


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