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Jun 21, 2014


No, not that kind of "huntress"......hehehehehehe, but I have been known to go a-hunting for snakes in the yard.

I'm talking about hunting in the garden, of course.....hehehehe
I have a very small garden this year, so much so that all the cucumber vines are entangled as they run together. Believe it or not, I love poking through all those vines looking for cucumbers, tomatoes and bell peppers every day. It's rather cathartic.
 Those cucumbers grow quickly and tend to hide out under the shade of the leafy foliage.
I have a fence around my little garden to keep the rabbits out. Every morning, we go
 through the same routine.....I walk out the back door, spot two rabbits nibbling around the fence
 and start the chase. Around and around and around we go until I get dizzy and the rabbits
 make a break for the bird feeder to harass the poor birdies and eat their seeds
 that has fallen to the dirt.....sigh
It take me a few minutes to catch my breath before I start picking veggies. You'd think
 I'd be able to stop myself from chasing them but, alas, I've not broken myself
 from this habit.
These days I'm into canning the cucumbers into sweet pickles which take about 3 days
 but it's well worth the effort.
There are many recipes on the Internet that are inspiring and I have tried a couple. 
Mom and Cowboy love the pickles and so do all my neighbors.
Well, I'm off to rinse the cucumbers and begin the next step in the process.

On another note: I'd like to thank everyone who participated in my "big give-away." I didn't get to respond to all the comments yesterday so this is a great big THANK YOU ALL.
I'll be doing another give away in the fall, so stay tuned for that. 


Carol said...

Oh my...hunting snakes? Ugh! I've never made pickles because I don't really like them, but my husband loves a good homemade pickle. My grandmother used to make watermelon pickles and he was in heaven with those!

Needled Mom said...

I was wondering if you were after another rattler!!! Eeeek. Rabbits are a lot less scary. We have a couple in our garden too so have put the peas and cucumbers on trellises. Eventually the rabbits can't reach them. I did hear a big owl in the yard last night so perhaps we will only see one rabbit today.

Podunk Pretties said...

Your picture reminds me of Elmer Fudd looking for that Crwazy Wabbit!

Homemother said...

I can relate to this post!!! So funny. I have a little dog now and I send her after the rabbits and chipmonks, which she never catches, however, it's the chase that's exciting!

Holee said...

I haven't laughed in days...but that photo..Oh my! Is this the same lady who is so creative, stands in the kitchen canning veggies, is the refined lady who I've come to love?? Goodness Rhonda, if I were a snake or rabbit, I'd be shaking in my skin! (Sorry for laughing but that's a great outfit!)

Quilting Nonnie said...

I love your get-up! Tell the truth...that's really how you go out to the garden! You have rabbits, I've had possums. They would eat my strawberries. My hubby and I tried everything, but to no avail. I think I got 8 or 10 strawberries that year. Then I surrendered.

Janarama said...

Love your post ... thanks for the chuckle of the day. I love homemade sweet pickles but never tried making them myself.

Tammy said...

One year I pickled tons of those lil salad tomatoes I had grown yellow and red ones. I pickled them in some sweetened vinegar they were really good and different. I had no recipe just kind of invented it as I went along. They were good on a cold salad too. I have to hunt and kill snakes here too. Something about the south and all those darn pesky snakes. Your garden looks fabulous.

desertskyquilts said...

I don't know. I rather like that first picture! Maybe if you dressed like that when you went out to chase the rabbits, they'd get the hint. Nah, rabbits are too dumb. =) Your pickles sound awesome.

Regina said...

Cute outfit!! You make a very capable looking huntress! I am trying to grow cilantro in a pot but the squirrels have other ideas :(


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