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Apr 12, 2014

Where Are the Cookies?

The girls are eagerly awaiting munching on some range cubes. (Cookies)
See their faces nearly salivating while mentally urging farm guy to get a move on!!

Anybody recognize BB - aka. Buzzard Bait? She's really all grown up & has a boyfriend.
What's taking farm guy so long? Just tear the sack open already!!!
Then finally, "dig in everyone!"


Gene Black said...

Little Buzzard Bait is a growed up woman now. Should we find her a new name? Or just go with BB?

Sandra :) said...

"Farm Guy, get a move on with my cookies" - I'm pretty sure that's what we all say when we know cookies are coming ;) I can't believe BB has a boyfriend now - wasn't it just yesterday that those darn buzzards were hovering over her ... and now, *sniff* *sniff*, she's old enough to date. I suddenly feel more creaky than I did a few minutes ago, LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Cute! Always forget you have real animals. =) Thanks for explaining what cookies are.

lefuntz said...

BB has a boyfriend? He better be good to her. No bull!

Barb said...

They look like me while waiting for my cookies....gotta have them and gotta have them now@@

krislovesfabric said...

Thanks for the smile :)


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