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Jan 6, 2014


I am motivated to "clear" out my UFO boxes. There's just too many things that I've not finished or forgotten about. So this year I'm bound and determined to either make a dent or totally finish putting together those projects.  Of course whatever fabrics I was supposed to use have been used in other quilts and I'm not buying any more fabric until I get said UFOs done.....so it's off to the old stash for everything.......LOL
The first quilt above came from strips that I had sewn into tubes a couple of years ago and never got back to. It was easy to unsew each tube to sew into a staggered design.  I added the green fabric because I liked the way it looks with the black/white/red. That was going well but when I laid it out and stood back, it needed something...what? I didn't know and went to bed. As we all know, sleep lends great ideas.......I added an ABC font and now it's complete and I love it. I'm donating a lot of my UFO tops to a local helping hands group and this little quilt will make some child smile.
The next quilt top you've seen a couple of times before. I've just added another border from my stash and will possibly do another design around that......this will take some thinking on my part which not amount of sleep will help..... so cross your fingers....hehehehe


Betsy said...

Rhonda, I like those. The colors are wonderful!

Texas JennyWren said...

Hi Rhonda, That is really pretty and kudos that you completed a UFO. My problem with my UFOs is this: it became a UFO because I ran into a problem. How do you get past the problem to finish the project?? I REALLY want to clear out my UFOs too, but don't know how to solve this situation...

Needled Mom said...

It looks great with the ABC. Isn't it amazing what pops into our heads while sleeping on it?

Quilting Nonnie said...

What a great start on your "UFO Year." Both quilts are wonderful, I wouldn't be able to choose between the two.
I have the same goal as you with the UFO finishes and no fabric buying except to finish a UFO quilt. Good luck to you. I will look forward to seeing your other quilts.

Kathy L said...

Glad to see you back posting. Love your ideas.

Barb said...

I hope you can stay motivated. I love love that first quilt...just adorable. Hope you had a wonderful Holiday Season.


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