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Jan 31, 2014

Milkshake and Half-sisters

Here's Milkshake with two of her half-sisters. Aren't they cute??  I know you can't see it because of their coloring and my poor camera skills but all three calves have that Nike mark over the eye. I was shocked and laughed so hard when I saw the marks that I nearly fell out of the back of the truck. As you can see one of the little ones was coming over to see what's so funny.
And I couldn't post without showing you what BB (Buzzard Bait) is up to. She's the off white one who now weighs around 400 pounds. She's waiting patiently for me to open the gate so that she can be the first to get to the range cubes. She loves those "cookies" for sure. She hasn't seen her little sisters yet but one of these days she just might go for a visit.

 I forgot to mention in my Starburst post the other day that anyone who wishes to make a starburst from my design is free to do so. I don't remember from time to time how many half squares there are (around 36 I think) that's why I always keep the design in front of me....LOL.....also, the little chart above is one I found years ago, I think it's from Eleanor  Burns, but it's saved me from figuring so much when making half squares. Sorry about the slanted photo.

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Guilitta said...

Hello Rhonda,

Thank you very much for your answer and this little chart. It helps me a lot! You are a very kind and helpful person. Thank you very, very much.
Greeting Guilitta


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