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Oct 17, 2013

Mug Rug Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone!! It's time for another new rug. Apples are good for us and this one was delicious!! Just leave a comment to be in the count for "Apple Core."

I'm still having trouble with my computer....sure hope I don't have to purchase a new one...... not looking forward to that expense!!

You're wondering about the announcement of the winner of 
"A Slow Saturday to Relax"
That's the T-shirts rug I made.
The winner is

# 6
Congratulations to you.
Just leave a comment so that we can talk via email.


barcord said...

Another fine mugrug.

Doniene said...

I've missed out on the other mug rugs - I must have been sleeping!! LOL Thanks for the chance for this one!! Apples are my favorite!!

Blessings and hugs!

Laura said...

Please count me in the drawing. This one is really cute!

Emma's Daughter said...

Another adorable mug rug! Thanks for the chance to win. Rcoyle at olemiss dot edu

Needled Mom said...

Your core is fabulous. I love the wording on it too.

Regina said...

Cute mug rug! Now let's see if I'll be giving it a new home :)

Kathy L said...

That Apple looks like it must have tasted very good.

Tammy said...

Congratulations to Green. Cute apple mug rug. You never stop amazeing me with your creations.

Gill said...

Congratulations to Green!
Another great mugrug Rhonda!
A great apple harvest here in the UK - we've been picking apples and making cider today!!

Guilitta said...

This apple looks greet. You are a great artist.

Greeting Guilitta

lefuntz said...

Love it to the core! I hope you don't need a new computer but if you do go with a Mac. Seriously! Unless you use EQ that is.

Connie said...

What a cute little apple Rhonda! I hope you don't have to buy a new computer......that is always such a pain!

Patty Howe said...

Congratulations to Green. You sure come up with great rugs. I love them all!

Bonnie said...

This mug rug is so cute. It amazes me that you just keep coming up with such wonderful ideas. Congrats to Green.

quiltsbycheryl said...

Another cute one! Looks like the apple I had this week too! It was delicious!!! I have inspected them for 35 years now....and still love them!!!

Anonymous said...

Definitely a cute mug rug, and I like green! I need to find a tutorial on binding these things. Or just be happy with birthing them.


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