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Oct 16, 2013

GoGo's Little People

First, it's raining here! Yesterday we received almost 3 inches and today another .9 tenths....I'm doing a happy dance.

Now to my little people.
Ayden is really growing. She has a birthday coming up next month. She is so precious to me.
Ayden on her tricycle

Ayden with some sort of balloon character. She'd just come from visiting a fire station.

Buzz and Woody... 
not their real names but their sister, 
Sarah, decided that it is what she would name them. 
Now everyone calls them by those names........and of course......they respond.......LOL
In case you're wondering where she came up with those particular names.....Toy Story characters.


Anonymous said...

Yay, rain! And cute little ones. What could be better?

lefuntz said...

You've got a friend in me! Just watched Toy Story 2 with my granddaughters. Again. My oldest will be 15 next month...WOW time flies. I remember watching it with her when she was a toddler and dancing along with Woody and Jessie. Those 2 little cuties have great nicknames thanks to big sis. And such kissable cheeks too!

Doniene said...

Isn't the rain absolutely wonderful!! Such a blessing! Just as your little people!! So very precious!!! And Ayden is just a big girl now!!

Love all your projects!!! I'm tempted to do the embroidery blocks - but alas, too many other projects!! But I love them!!


Tammy said...

What beautiful little ones Rhona. I know they are dear to your heart. My son loved Buzz light year and woody and the gang until he discovered Poke mon. What fun characters.

Pat said...

How old will your granddaughter be on her upcoming b'day? Hard to believe how time flies. I LOVE the nicknames for the little guys......Buzz and Woody......GREAT!!!

Needled Mom said...

What sweet little ones! Can you imagine what life would be like without them??? You are indeed blessed.


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