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Sep 21, 2013

Into The Woods

Before it rained yesterday....BTW, I'm doing the happy dance cause we got 3.7 inches, I went on another nature walk with my trusty camera.
We were having some dozer work done so I felt fairly safe.
Warning: Photo heavy!!

I love the way light and shadow appears in nature, so most of these pics were taken with that in mind.

These types of pics help me when I'm doing foreground/background blocks.

A tree trunk with character for sure.

This poor tree was riddled with bore beetle and woodpecker holes and a giant spider's web.

You can't see it very well but this tributary has recent hog prints in the muddy area.

And finally, Buzzard Bait and her sister kin are munching on range cubes. I had to feed them or they would have followed me around everywhere, begging...LOL


lefuntz said...

Looks like you had a beautiful walk. BTW what is rain? 3.7 inches? I hope we get that much this rainy season. Next time give BB an extra treat for me. She is gorgeous.

Tammy said...

Your property is beautiful. We need some rain badly. Getting so dry and dusty here.

Pat said...

What pretty pictures in such a nice place to take a walk! (Of course, I'd be afraid of encountering snakes or something else dangerous!!!)

Gari in AL said...

Love your woods. We have cut paths in ours so we have nature trails to walk the dogs on. So glad you got rain. We got 2" and a full day of mostly light rain.


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