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Sep 14, 2013

Home Body



Who could leave all this, I ask you? 
 Not me.
The reason I chose the post title "HOME BODY" is because some of my friends have been scammed with emails where someone is saying they are trapped in another country and need my help. Or whatever other terrible situation they can come up with to frighten you.
Of course I didn't fall for it but it got me thinking, what if......so let me alleviate any thoughts you may have about where I am or where I'm going to go.
I'm a home body.
 I don't travel hardly anywhere and especially these days. The grocery store, post office and my neighbor are about as adventurous  as I get. So if you EVER receive an email saying I need your help.........have a good laugh out loud moment then trash that email because it's not me. I'm here......on the farm.......feeding little Buzzard Bait........watching the little princesses grow up.......canning vegetables......making quilts......mowing the yard.........walking down a trail in the back forty.......talking to the cousins..........fishing at the pond..........watching the sunrise or set..
......baking cookies........get the picture.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


Gene Black said...

I have received one of those emails. It was from someone I hardly know and I was sure it was a scam. I did email her to say "hey you may have been hacked." Then I deleted it.

Needled Mom said...

It looks like it's a great place to be a home body too!! Isn't it wonderful to feel so content?

Doniene said...

Sounds like me!! I even avoid the grocery store until absolutely necessary! If anyone got an email saying I was in trouble in some far off land - well they'd fall off their chair laughing! Ain't me!!

Love your photos!! Have a blessed day!

lefuntz said...

If you get a message that I have been stranded at the fabric store send money. Otherwise I'm fine too.

Tammy said...

When I get these I allways do just like Gene. I email the peron in question and tell them I think they have been hacked. and I delete the email.

Joni said...

I have a sign on my fridge that says "don't make me go to town". I love my farm, my garden, my cows and every other critter. I know exactly how you feel. - joni


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