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Aug 6, 2013

Things Texas Revisited

A new blogging friend asked about the patterns to my "Things Texas" quilt. I had to think really hard about where those patterns were. It took me a couple of weeks to dig them out. I decided to re-post about the process and share the patterns with anyone who's interested.
As you can see from the photo, there are lots of what I call blank spaces throughout some of the designs. I am linking to my tutorial about how to do this particular process. It's a bit time consuming but well worth the effort.

  • Below are the patterns I used. Just right click on each page then copy and paste them into you own document. You can then enlarge each pattern to your desire.
  • I chose fabrics that would show off the silhouettes.
  • I used Steam-a-seam or Heat-n-Bond as an adhesive backing on the black silhouette fabric.
  • Note: One thing I failed to mention in the last video is that I had removed the adhesive before the final placement and pressing.
  • After pressing the silhouettes into place, I stitch the raw edges into place stitching as close to the edges of each pattern as possible.
  • The videos were made in August 2009 where I mentions a silhouette give away of that cow. Well obviously that was years ago but I do have a little surprise this August 2013. Scan down to the bottom of this post to see what's up.

The tiger is an example of another way to use an image as a silhouette and use more colors to jazz up the image.
It is my give away design for this particular post.
It is unfinished in that I have not stitched it down, never got around to it so it landed in my UFO box......LOL.
If you are interested in this unfinished block measuring
 approximately 12 1/2 inches just leave a comment and mention
 your favorite
 and it's that easy!!


Gari in AL said...

Hey, I'm an Auburn tiger, that would look great at my house.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, my favorite animal is probably an elephant ... but my son's is definitely the tiger!

:) Linda

lefuntz said...

My favorite animal is an elephant. My e-mail and license plate say lefuntz. Yeah I'm a bit nuts over elephants!

Guilitta said...

You are to share generously all your creativity with us! I am pleased about the patterns for the Texas quilt. The Tiger you have made is really natural and I admire him. Unfortunately I would not handle it with my skills. I would be very proud if I would win it.

My favorite animal is the dog. Now several years we had a 'holiday dog' say: if its owner in holiday went we got him. I quickly realized how smart, but also such an animal is how affectionate and loyal! Unfortunately he died last year, but not without saying goodbye from me! I still often think of him.

You can read about her:http://guilitta2000.blogspot.de/search/label/Portr%C3%A4t%3A%20Tier%20-%20Nina

Greeting Guilitta from Germany

timpson said...

My favorite animal is the turtle. Thanks for sharing this quilt! I absolutely love it! and keep up the great work!

Kathy L said...

Hard to pick a favorite, perhaps a cat, Siamese cat to be specific. Love your tiger.

Stefi said...

Hmm, my favorite animal is probably an elephant..

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Connie said...

What a neat piece! My favorite animal has to be the coyote!

Barb said...

Wonderful quilt

apple blossom said...

beautiful tiger...
my fav it giraffe

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com


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