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Jul 9, 2013

Roll Tape

I decided to get started with machine quilting one of my UFO tops......of course it the one that I didn't show last week as not quilted.
First, I needed to do some basting but not in the traditional way......

Roll tape (masking tape about 3 inches wide)
I pressed and starched my backing, placed it on my carpeted floor right-side facing the carpet and 

taped it all the way around....pulling the taped fabric taunt.

Next, I've cut and taped my batting....making sure to pull the batting taunt, as well.

Then, I place me quilt on top of the backing and batting and taped around that making sure that it's pulled taunt, too.

Now, the pinning begins. That's safety pins.
I pin just about everywhere and in all directions.
The pins really do hold everything together. I remove the pins as I get close to them.

Here's a close-up.
Now, all I have to do is start machine quilting. This part is a challenge but I'm determined.  The quilting will begin, hopefully this evening. Unfortunately, I'm off to take mom
 to the dentist....sigh!


Doniene said...

Awesome!! I do almost the same - but I spray baste the layers together, then I pin them too. Works wonders! I think this is the cutest little quilt!! I remember when you pieced it!!


Paula, the quilter said...

It's always fun to see how others do the same things. Thanks.

lefuntz said...

I like to use painter's tape. It holds well and leaves no residue. I hate safety pins so I ordered some pinmoors. They arrived in the mail yesterday. I hope they are worth the price!

Gene Black said...

I don't enjoy the pin basting process so I baste lightly with my hairspray method then just a few pins. It works well for me.

Marie said...

Nice quilt , love reading your blog, need some of your mojo again my friend.Ray has been back in the hospital but home now. take care. I like seeing the way you pin your quilt. Hugs, Marie


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