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Jun 4, 2013


I took a page from someone whom I really want to give credit to. She is a very talented person. Her blog handle is Scooquilt. I hope you will take a moment to pop over to see what she's up to.
My dilemma with the blue mountain fabric was really getting to me. No matter how many other fabrics I auditioned, none of them worked but the blue fabric was too bright/strong. Several of my blogging friends gave me some great suggestions. I remember one from a few weeks ago when I was participating in a "hope" challenge. Anyway, she used Clorox diluted in water to spritz across a project to get it a beam of light affect which I found exciting, unique and fabulous. But rather than spritzing, I went for dunking the scrap in a 100% solution of Clorox and then rinsing. It worked! At least to my liking.

After....love it!!
It looks much softer and I am loving it. Now just one more block to finish. Can you see it? The one right beside the red barn. It's an empty block that I have to do something with and then I am done....no really!!
Thanks to everyone for your fantastic suggestions. I really appreciate your help.
Hope everyone is enjoying the wonderful Tuesday!!


Gene Black said...

The big questions is not "when will you finish it?" but rather "What next?"

Purl Buttons said...

Success! It is great looking!

Vicki W said...

Did you also soak it I some anti-chlor? Bleach will continue to eat away at the fabric unless you neutralize it. You may not notice it soon but it could really affect the finished quilt later. Rinsing isn't enough to completely neutralize the bleach. I love these blocks and would be sick if something happened to one of them.

Anonymous said...

YES...I really see the difference and agree with you. I've also heard that sometimes, esp if it is a print, you can use the back side of the fabric because it is usually duller. ♥♥♥

Tammy said...

Wow that was a great fix...Love the after

Holee said...

I have to remember that trick. It looks great now!


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