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Apr 19, 2013


Barn #1 is ready to be stitched (raw edge stitching)
I added some wild grass to the mix to lend more depth and a fence.

Barn #2 is a work in progress. It needs something I think (LOL) but I'm not sure what.
As usual, I'm using scraps and my favorite adhesive, Steam-a-Seam.

I am offering my designs to anyone that wishes to try out my methods or whatever way you find that works.
I often number my designs somewhat just to keep up with all the pieces but it is not necessary.
Bakits and landscape type fabrics work well with these types of blocks. So enjoy!!

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Gari in AL said...

Thanks for the designs. I am keeping them for a future project. Gonna do a round barn?

Sandra :) said...

There's just something about barns that takes me back to when I was a kid ... visiting the grandparents out west, and the old barn that was in the back of the house we lived in when I was REALLY little. I remember my big brother putting me in some kind of (basket?) and sending me across the top of the barn on a rope - what the heck was he thinking?! ROTFLMAO! Apparently I lived to tell the tale, so it couldn't have been as dangerous as I now think it was, LOL!

Sandra :) said...

OOPS I wasn't very clear - the rope was strung on the inside of the barn, not the outside, LOL. To a 3 or 4 year old it felt like I was 10 stories high, but it was probably only about 10 or 15 feet :D

Winona said...

I love these. I did a barn quilt all in redwork a few years ago. I love barns. How about adding a couple of goats, horses, sheep, or calves out in the pen part of your barn block. Also how about a bird sitting on top of the barn? Thanks for sharing.

Sara said...

Barns are so wonderful and interesting! I love the doors on the ones you have done above!

Sue Daurio said...

Love the barns. The weather vane on the first one is brilliant!


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