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Feb 26, 2013


I've been sneezing my head off and I think it's because of this stuff!!
What is it, does anyone know???


Robyn said...

Looks like a lichen we have in Australia that grows on fruit trees. It's a parasite and can't live without the tree. The spores are dust like and if you have hayfever or asthma they can give you a really bad day!I pick off as much as I can wearing sunglasses, bandanna across face, long sleeved shirt and long pants. Lol, I look like a hippy bank robber! I then spray with Copper Oxychloride (50g/10litres) which is about as close to natural as I can find but you do have to take precautions as copper can be toxic. Sprayed on hot days it can burn your tree, don't let it near water systems and have a shower after you've finished applying it. In nature a little copper is a good thing but excesses can be damaging and that's how it kills off the lichen.
Hope this helps but might be a good idea to pop some in a zip lock bag and have it identified by a local nursery who should also be able to advise on eradication methods.

Barb said...

No clue but if I was there, I would be sneezing right along with you...so Bless You!!

The Calico Cat said...

Spanish Moss - complete guess!

mjnauert said...

My nose tickles just seeing the picture...kinda like getting the heebie jeebies when you see a picture of an icky bug.


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