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Aug 13, 2012

Design Wall Monday & Little Cuties

Life has been slow going around my house and it's too hot to even think about doing much of nothing except reading and/or drinking iced tea......LOL
The only thing I have to show for my efforts is the following:
 I added an 1 1/2 red border and then the 5 inch black border to the Texas seal top. Now I'm playing around with the idea of more applique in that border. I want to stay with the seeming appearance of circular movement thus the leaf placement. What are your thoughts????
Check out what others are up to over at Judy's!

I got a visit from Ayden and her cousin Elle the other day (plus their parents). Ayden wanted to take GoGo out for dinner...the little girls were so cute and so well behaved that I just had to purchase them something....to which Ayden said, "Happy Birthday GoGo!"


JustCindy said...

Very pretty! I like the leaves.

Gene Black said...

Ayden and Elle are so cute....
Was it GoGo's birthday and I missed it?

ANudge said...

Lovely quilt! And the girls are so cute. You do have movement with those leaves.

Connie said...

Looks wonderful, I like the leaves in the corners!

Merilyn said...

I have to agree the addition of leaves in the border do marry up nicely with the central seal!

Joanne Lendaro said...

OH RHONDA!! They are getting so big! Can't believe how much the little ones have grown. You haven't posted pics in a while and they have changed so much! I hope you got lots and lots of hugs and kisses!


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