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Jul 16, 2012

Chit Chat & A Give Away

Let me tell you about my weekend!
First I had a little visitor......yep, you guessed it, Ayden came for a visit showing off her new hat that she picked out all by herself.
After some vigorous playing, on Ayden's part, as GoGo sat watching from a safe distance......that little girl has too much energy.....I wonder if she'd be willing to share.......LOL.  This was followed by a nice chicken salad, fruit and crackers lunch then Ayden and parents headed out for home.

Which brings me to the fresh figs I got my hands on. Five pounds of them. I plunged in, cutting off the stems, cut them in half, poured sugar over them and began the one hour process of cooking and canning. OMG, the smells were heavenly. I wound up with 5 half pint and 4 pint jars of fig jelly. There was about a fourth of a cup of juices left so I saved that in the frig to pour over a pork roast that I'll be cooking in a couple of days. I throw nothing away......LOL

5 lbs. figs
4 lbs. sugar
Remove stems; cut figs in half; pour into large pot, figs and sugar. 
Cook over low heat stirring constantly until figs are tender and there is plenty of juice. (about 30 to 40 minutes)
Pour into hot mason jars, seal and place in hot water bath for 15 minutes.

Now, for the give away.  
Let's see if any one else resembles this...
I often go to quilt shows, love just about everything I see and wind up purchasing designs and patterns that, at the time, I just know that I'll get around to making very soon. Needless to say, it "never" happens and I'm left with these wonderful patterns, not able to throw them away but they are taking up space that fabric could be using.
Anybody out there have that problem?
So, I'll be giving away these types of things for a bit. If you want a chance at this first one just leave a comment on this post and you are in the "HAT"
I'll pull a name in a few days, get the winner's addy and rest a little easier.
In the coming months, I'll be doing some other give aways that are slightly more complicated because more items will be involved but that's another story....LOL


Doniene said...

Rhonda, I DON'T really need anything else, but this pattern is just way too cute! I'd love a chance - so put my name in the HAT! Oh by the way - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Ayden's hat!! Such a cutie!!


Jo said...

I love that little sampler! I'm doing a retro birdie quilt right now...i'm all about te birds!

Gene Black said...

I have similar problems. I rarely use a pattern but I have several.
I don't want this one, but if you pick my name give it to whoever comments at number 7

Oddbjørg said...

Please put my name in the hat! Thanks for giving me a chance!


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