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Jun 25, 2012

So, I was mowing.....

When...... I spotted these two creatures in my yard:
 The spider had made its web from several branches of an oak tree to the ground. In its web are a hapless grasshopper and one tiny beetle who almost got away.
Next, in my waning garden, I found this rather large caterpillar hanging just as you see him/her (note my finger which illustrates an measure of how large the critter is and him/her position on the tomato vine.
Did I mention that I don't care for the sometimes cute yet slightly frightening critters who have made it their business to surprise me in my back yard!!!

Them I captured these two delicate mushrooms near my back steps.

 And finally, Monica from Button Counter was the wonderful hostess for Big 10 and these are my ten inch squares from that swap that I can't wait to get into.  Thanks for hosting Monica.


Doniene said...

All sorts of "bugs" in your live!! Real ones and stitched ones! Think I like the stitched ones best!! LOL Lovely fabric - I saw the swap, just not something I could do right now!! Your fabrics are wonderful - so manly, too!

Paula TheQuilter said...

Ugh, tomato horn worms. They can devastate a tomato plant in no time flat. I hope you dispatched it?

Merilyn said...

I've never seen a caterpillar? so big !!! My! you do find some interesting wildlife in your garden LOL! Those 10" squares look interesting, you'll have fun with those!!!!

Gene Black said...

When I first saw the spider photo, I thought some type of alien had landed in your yard

Needled Mom said...

You always find the most interesting critters in your backyard.


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