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May 8, 2012


Where have I been? What have I been doing?  Well, not working on the above photo. Some of you may remember that project from months ago. Nope, I've been in my garden, weeding and picking cucumbers. Now, I'm knee deep with the 3 day canning process for sweet, delicious pickles. Trust me, they are yummy!
I'll be back on tract with quilting stuff by next week..... cross your fingers on that one!


Marsha said...

Cucumbers already! Will you share your recipe for sweet pickles? I just planted two cucumber plants and may need some inspiration later in the year! Enjoy your garden!

Pat said...

I second Martha's request. We planted a few pickle cucumber plants and I hope to do some pickling of their yield. I have only done dill pickles, but I LOVE sweet pickles!

Pat said...

OOPS...meant to say Marsha but typed Martha...DUH....

Barb said...

Love your bugs....and will be here when your canning is done!

Sandra :) said...

PSsssssssssssst Rhonda - the bugs have taken over your blog, lol!

Cucumbers already??!! We can't even plant our gardens for another 2 weeks because of the risk of frost, lol!

Paula TheQuilter said...

And here, I haven't even planted a garden yet. But this weekend is the break date: shouldn't be getting hail after Mother's Day, but you never know. I've had to replant the garden many times because of massive hail damage. :( Did you know that my area gets the most hail of the US?

Gene Black said...

Gardens do tend to eat up your free time. But the results are usually worth it.


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