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May 3, 2012

String Challenge

This quilt some of you have seen before. It's from a black/white and focus fabric that Jackie sponsored a couple of years ago (sorry, I don't have Jackie's link at the moment but will post it ASAP). I'm posting about again because I finally, this morning, got it bound and it's now going to a wonderful teacher friend of mine.

My focus fabric is the rose floral that I found when I visited a quilt shop in San Antonio, Texas with my good friend, Jerri who has passed away but this fabric always reminds me of her...... she's the one who located it in the shop and shouted over several isles....... LOL
I used b/w strips from my stash and my friend, Kathleen quilted this wonderful quilt for me.

This is a view with four b/w corners sewn together and below with the rose fabric sewn together.
The quilt was "not" sewn on point but the black center strip given the illusion of on-point.

Finally, here's my little friend the honeybee pollinating my garden..... go little bee, go!!
Can you see the developing cucumber there?  I see canned sweet pickles in my future... LOL


JustCindy said...

OH I love that quilt! Some of my favorite colors.

Pat said...

I never used to like quilts with a lot of black in them, but they have grown on me and this one is terrific.

Anonymous said...

very striking quilt! Sorry your friend passed away~

Love cucumbers! Yum~ ♥♥♥

Joanne Lendaro said...

Can't believe you've got things growing already!! We can't even set the flowers out yet. Looks like you are in a "string-thing" quilt wise....lol!!

Merilyn said...

What lovely memories this quilt holds for you! I'm sure the receipient will just love it! I hope you get lots of cucumbers!!!!


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