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May 21, 2012

Off The Grid Give Away

While Mom is convalescing at home from surgery, I'll be out of pocket, off the grid, taking a hiatus, out of contact....... sorry.....
from the blogging world.......... but I'll be thinking about you all and I may even get to peek at a few of my favorite blogs before long.  In the meantime, it's occurred to me that I've not done a give-away in awhile. So when I get back to blogging in a week or so, I'll be giving away
20 (twenty) 9 inch squares of some of my best fabrics. I've got some wonderful pieces that I found when looking for something else..... some of you know how that happens.
Here's a photo of the 20 squares that someone will be adding to their collection. All you'll need to go to get you name in the "HAT" is to leave a comment on this post and as soon as I get a chance to check in I'll draw a name and get the winner posted!!

Gook luck, in advance.


JustCindy said...

Sorry to hear your mom has been puny. Hope she is on the mend and soon feeling good as new. I will miss you while you are gone.

Fiesta said...

Rhonda, I hope your mom gets better soon.

Wilma NC said...

Hope your mom recovers nicely, and quickly!!

Pat said...

I pray your mother has a quick and complete recovery from her surgery. (You don't need to put my name in the hat for the drawing....I have fabric of my own that I should give away!!!)

Sandra said...

Hope she has a speedy and complete recovery. Don't forget to take care of yourself as well as your mom.

Betty C said...

A speedy recovery to your mom. Be good to yourself as well.

One Minnesota Quilter said...

Hi Rhonda,

No need to put my name in the drawing....I think I have all of those fabrics! lol

Hope your Mom recovers quickly and that you are able to enjoy your time spent with her.


Needled Mom said...

Good luck to your mom, Rhonda. My days are filled with the same thing as my mom had surgery two weeks ago.

Margie said...

Can always use some more fabric!!! Wishing your mom a quick recovery and be sure to take care of yourself while taking care of her.

Sally said...

Sorry to hear your Mom is poorly, wishing her great good health following her surgery. Hugs to you both.

Paula TheQuilter said...

Hope your Mom recovers swiftly. Thanks for the giveaway.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

It sounds like your Mom is doing well. May she continue to make such great progress.


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