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Mar 8, 2012

Pop, Pop, Pop

That's the sound I heard just before I grabbed my camcorder and began filming around 6PM.
Yep, that hail.... pea sized hail but it sounded much bigger and very scary. I thought it would break my windows.


Sandra :) said...

Like a thunderstorm, a hailstorm is awesome to watch, but the effects can be extremely destructive, even deadly! I hope it didn't damage anything!

Gene Black said...

Hail is such a strange thing. Ice falling in warm or hot weather is just weird. I remember a spring hail storm when I was a child. The ground afterward was just littered with those small marbles of ice. The pictures my mom took show me and my siblings in shorts and short sleeved shirts.

Barb said...

It is scarey when you don't know what the sounds are....

how did your cars fair?

Joanne Lendaro said...

hail can be scary and dangerous! Haven't seen much of it here, lots of it back home in Indy. Glad you are safe.....


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