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Mar 14, 2012

Final Step and Done

I eked out some time to finish my woodsy project. Now, mind you, this is my take on the photo, which means I can choose to alter the photo to suit what I want to achieve. You know how we quilters are. We see and love a pattern, design or block and sometimes change it to make it ours.

 I think it's important to take photos as you go because it allows you to see what needs to be added or taken away. This way you can evaluate what you're doing with perspective. Sort of like squinting at a block to see you've made a mistake.
The sky fabric I found and added to the backgrounds really helped to define the piece. I also added more shadows around the bottom of the little quilt.
 I then compared the original photo to the piece. I added more branches across the front of the rotted tree trunks and more shrubbery , as well.  I liked what I saw and pressed everything down before I changed my mind. Sometimes I tend to over think a project.... not good..... you can definitely go overboard.
The final piece measures 13 1/2 by 12 1/2 inches but I might trim it more later.  I just love the subtle colors mixed in with the dark shadows.
I have no idea of how I want to quilt it but I'll think of something.
What are your thoughts????


Merilyn said...

Wow! You have done an extraordinarily good job with this artistic piece - amazing work - you have a very good eye, I love what you have created here!!!!
I think the only quilting it needs is embellishment type quilting, I don't know what else to call it, but I have seen it on other art pieces in different shows I been to, sort of like continuing to paint with thread to add light, texture, if you know what I mean! In any case whatever you do decide to do, I know it will enhance this piece wonderfully. Well done Rhonda! you had an idea and you flew with it...great work!!!!

Sandra said...

Very inspiring. One of these days (years) I will have to try my hand at something like this only simpler.

Barb said...

You my dear are soooooooo amazing when it comes to this type of designs. You certainly have an eye for nature and fabric. Just wonderful!

Beatriz said...

Very impressive result. I think it will take me years before I face something as challenging.
Congratulations. You did beautifully.


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