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Mar 6, 2012

 A few posts ago I talked about my new baby Rowenta.... it's light weight, gets really hot and presses like a dream. I "don't" use the steam part at all and that's fine, too. I love, love, love this iron and recommend it.... but mind you, it's only been 2 1/2 months of bliss.

Meanwhile, I'm back to this fractured diamond block that I just love because you can fiddle with the placement of fabrics and get a whole new look.

I added a red tip to the top of the "kite" area to get the look you see below...... love it!!


JustCindy said...

Oh I love it too!

Anonymous said...

Oh, maybe someday I will get one of those irons! I love the quilt~ ♥♥♥

Gene Black said...

I Like the iron, but I am a "steam-a-holic" I love my Velocity Steamer iron by Reliable.

Cool idea with the fractured diamonds.

Fiesta said...

My friend has it. You will not be disappointed.

Beatriz said...

Irons are quilter´s best friends. Hope it´s a long time companionship between you both.
Love the diamonds.

Beatriz said...

Should have written "quilters´... Because English isn´t my mother tongue I feel obliged to write as correctly as possible! And to correct myself whenever possible. Lol

Margie said...

Good morning, I'm in need of a new iron, but have been thinking a heavy one would do a better job than the light weight one I have. Now you have me thinking.

Am loving that quilt. Is that a pattern that is floating around out there? Am looking for a pattern to use for a fundraiser quilt I need to make and it looks like that one would be a showy one to make.

Margie said...

Woops!!! Typed it into google search and guess where it sent me? LOL! Thanks for the tutorial!!

Merilyn said...

We don't get that brand or model of iron here, it does look to be a handy little tool! Your tweeking of the fractured diamond blocks adds a great bit of colour and visual interest!!

Joanne Lendaro said...

reading backwards...still lovin' this quilt....wondering...is it weird that the handle goes backward?? Just wondering, I would feel like I'm moving the iron handle into nothing...but I'm weird...lol!!


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