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Feb 1, 2012

Wooded Area, You Say & Sewing Time

 Can you see a little calf in this thicket?  Look closely now..... take your time.  Focus!
How about from this angle..... really concentrate.  
Of course you can't... no one can.  
He's totally black hiding in there bawling his little heart out for his mommy.  How did he get in there, you asked? 
How would I know but he's stuck and hung up in some vines. Now I ask you, who's going in there after the little critter?????
Sigh... alas, it's me.  His mommy is on the other side of the thicket safely away from me, mooing for him.
Did I mention that I don't like anything bigger than me, smaller than me, faster than me.... need I go on.
Mind you, we have open fields, meadows and flat land to roam around in but did the little critter wonder into that area..... 
Got him! Sorry I didn't get a shot of the goings on in the thicket, it was a little tight in there...... needless to say, I hacked my way in, lost my hat in the bushes (no worries, I found it on the way out) and my foot caught on a stumpy something or other. The calf and I came face to face.... he dislodged himself  from the vine like bush and ran in the opposite direction towards his mommy (thank goodness). After their joyous reunion, they loped off to chew on some range cubes with the rest of the herd.
Did I mention I don't like cows!

For years I've been keeping up with my sewing and embroidery time keeping a record on a calendar by my machines. It helps me get motivated from month to month or to slow down when I'm in a frenzy. I have a PFAFF which I sew on and a Janome that I'm truly in love with.  The PFAFF is a great machine and handles like a dream and the Janome is truly amazing but it weighs a ton. You would think I get a lot done by sewing on one while the other stitches out a design. Sometimes that works but mostly I sit and watch the Janome do it's thing. Does anyone else have that affliction?
Sewing Time for January = 23 hours
Machine Embroidery = 23.5 hours
Fabric used from stash = approximately 5 yards


The Calico Cat said...

I guess if I were to keep track of anything, I should start with calories or minutes of exercise - though I am intrigued by those who so easily keep track that they can track sewing time in addition to other units of measure...

My brain just isn't wired that way. I have no idea how long it takes to get from point a to point b even though I travel it regularly. If I want to meet my GF in Baltimore, it takes an hour according to Mapquest, but in my brain I think I can get there in no time flat... Seriously, I have been asked, "Where are you? Home? Then how do you think you can get here so quickly?" Oops.

The Calico Cat said...

I forgot to add that in general, I also do not know how long it takes to sew/cut/press either - but I always assume a lot less than in reality.

(Timers, alarm clocks, & e-mail reminders are my friends.)

Gene Black said...

I am almost totally afflicted with the "sit and watch it stitch out" syndrome.

Doniene said...

I still want to be a "little critter" (hiding from you of course!!! lol) and watching your escapades with other critters!! You make me smile!!


JustCindy said...

How is it that we country girls do not like things in the country?

I have the sit and watch syndrome also. I always have good intentions but I can't help myself.

*karendianne. said...

Aww you saved the baby calf. Good for you! Glad the Momma wasn't right up close as its my understand they can get seriously upset and cause all kinds of problems.

I don't do machine embroidery but I happen to have a couple Pfaff machines (gifted) and I love them. But you know, I hand piece more than I machine piece these days and lord love a duck - I don't even venture to count the hours!!!

harrispen said...

I watch my machine stitch out an embroidery too, but just because I have had the thread go wonky on my just when you look away for a second. If you stare at it the entire time then nothing goes wrong ;-)


Merilyn said...

Glad to hear that Mother and baby were reunited!!!!
I have not kept a tally on my sewing hours, although I did keep a tally on the making of a quilt several years ago, around 80 hours!


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