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Feb 4, 2012

Nine Patch Alternative

 Nine patches before squaring up. I went with the darker fabrics on the corners. This is yet another way to 
get rid of use more of your stash. I'm using some of those 1500 two and a half inch squares that my "wacky" girlfriends and I shared a few years ago.
 All squared up to 6 1/2 inches.
 Now cut nine patch down and across... this is known as the first step in the disappearing nine patch.

Mix them all up.
Now the fun begins.
I'll probably be sewing while watching the Super Bowl tomorrow.


Gene Black said...

I do love to play with a D9P

Merilyn said...

Now this could end up looking very interesting - mixing up the cut up units!!!!! Look forward to the next installment of this!!!!

Sandra :) said...

I love D9P blocks as well - you can create a lot of different designs just by spinning the 4 patches around in different directions!

Doniene said...

Love nine patches - never have done disappearing though - Thanks for the view of more "geometrics"!!!


mjnauert said...

man, I just did a bunch of cut-up nine patches last week! Now I know what to blog tomorrow. :) Thanks, Rhonda.

Pat said...

D9P quilts are fun to make. I've made some where I mixed up the pieces and assembled them at random...and I've done others where the arrangement was very carefully planned. Be sure to show us when it's done.

Susan said...

I haven't tried them that small, so I'll be interested in seeing what they look like - great, I'm sure!


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