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Feb 15, 2012

My New Baby

Yep, it's a Rowenta..... my very first one. Usually I buy the cheapest iron I can find because they usually wear out so quickly, but this little baby came highly recommended by one of my girlfriends. So, of course I couldn't resist. So far, so good. It's gets as hot as I need, it doesn't shut off (quilters really don't like it when their irons shut off) and it's light weight..... Love it!!!!


Beatriz said...

So do I love it too! Lots of ironing in quilting and embroidering to come! Long live your Rowenta!

(this brand isn´t sold in Brazil, but, by the way you´ve put it, I suppose it must be a reknown one)

Let´s see how well and how long it works! Tell us all!

Gene Black said...


Rhonda P. said...

Congratulations on the birth!!! What is the new baby's name? She looks so so cute and shiny and beautiful! I want one now! Do you think I would be too old? lol
Enjoy your new iron!

Needled Mom said...

It looks beautiful. I can't wait to read a review in about 6 months. I go through mine so quickly too. It's a love affair at first that quickly turns.

Sandra :) said...

^^^ Yes yes yes to what Needled Mom said - I'm ever so curious to see how well it stands up in the long term! My son bought me a $100 iron a few years ago as a gift, and I got exactly one year out of it. That's crappy! I too hate auto off because it always goes off at the most inopportune time - we should at least be able to set the time according to what works best for US - my current one shuts off in about 10 minutes - ARGH!

Merilyn said...

We don't get that brand here, but I have heard they are very popular in the US. I hate it when the iron beeps at me and shuts off too!!!!

Betty C said...

That is a very modern looking iron. I am going to find one and try it.
I bought a Shark iron one year ago and yesterday it stopped working, just like that, stopped! I have never dropped it or anything.
I DO NOT like automatic shut off either. I do not like teflon sole plate. So this iron sounds like it will work for me. For longer than a YEAR , I hope!


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