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If you are a "non-responder or OpenID-er" which to me means I have no way of responding to a comment that you've left, please leave a way for me to get in touch with you, especially if you're participating in a blog give-away or if you are asking for information or links.
By leaving your email within your comment, I can find you. I realize that this is sometimes a scary thing to do with scams and all but if you disguise the email as say.....
me at yahoo dot com
this is the perfect way to hide from the unwanted eye. So please help me out if you are one of the non-responders.
Thank you, in advance.....Ravelly Rhonda!!

Feb 27, 2012

Every Chance

What is this post about, you ask? Well recently it was brought to my attention that things are about to change in the way bloggers and Internet buddies will be able to "follow" one another.
I use GFC (Google Friends Connect) and last month added Bloglovin' but that wasn't enough, I was told. So I've added "Linky Flowers" to my sidebar. I want anyone that wishes to find and "follow" my blog, to be able to do so.
So whichever way you got here...... thanks for "FOLLOWING" my blog.

Next, I wish to address the "no response to comments" issue. I've been thinking about this for awhile.
 When someone comments on my post, I want everyone to know that I really, really appreciate your comments. So if you're looking for a response from me and don't ever get one, there are two reasons why...... (1) you haven't turned on your response thingy and did not know it had to be manually turned on via your dashboard or (2) you haven't turned on your response thingy and don't want to because you don't mind that you don't get a shout out from the owner of the blog.
I just wanted everyone that thought enough to leave a comment to know that I love reading your thoughts and critiques. It gives me  confidence and inspiration to carry on................................ Okay, I'll be quiet now!!


kheli said...

Hi Rhonda, I read your every post since I use Google Reader for the blogs I follow. I also want you to keep it up, I love reading your quilting and "critter" adventures!

Sandra :) said...

Like Kheli (oh my gosh Blogger has changed the look of the commenting interface - wow it's PLAIN looking!) I follow you through Google Reader :) I don't understand the "following" thing but I do understand the reader, lol! And OH HOW I HATE the "prove you're not a robot" gibberish to figure out and type - Blogger has done us a HUGE disservice with this nonsense!

Beatriz said...

Keep calm and carry on quilting and posting and we all love that you do it.

Joanne Lendaro said...

Oh good grief!! Rhonda how far behind am I? I have NO idea what you are talking about so if things are a changin' I'm left behind! BUT, I'll always be checking in on you girl!! LOVE YA'!!

Merilyn said...

Hi Rhonda! I use Google Reader to follow the blogs I find inspirational and enjoy!! I accidently discovered the Bloglovin' thingy a few days ago when I stumbled upon it, and thought that maybe things were changing to that!! now I see that there is a Linky thingy, it's all too confusing to me LOL!, so I figure there are now more ways to keep in touch with blogs you love, but I'll stick to Google Reader, it works for me! And yes, those silly verification acrobatics you have to do, still, it won't stop e from leaving comments, I won't let that ruin my fun LOL!!!!!


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