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Feb 20, 2012

Design Wall Monday

 Sorry about the quality of the photo.... I think I need a new design board. Anyway, this quilt came from More Nickel Quilts. Of course I got to use up more scraps but didn't seem to put a dent in that large bag.

I bought these books years ago and have enjoyed them greatly. So I'm recommending them to everyone from beginners to advance. There are several projects for all quilt lovers!
Next, I worked through the weekend to get this far on my Texas medallion type quilt. Yes, that's hand freezer paper applique.  I know, what got into me??? Well, I just wanted to do several sewing techniques in this particular quilt.  Did you all buy that one.... hehehehe
I wanted to continue the circular impression of the quilt by adding the bough shapes which is my own design. I drew out the shape on drawing paper, did a load of reshaping, added the scalloped edges to the underside of the design and transferred that to freezer paper.
My next plan is to add some 3 dimensional thread work to the leaves of the flowers by threading several different gold-tone thread through the eye of one needle of the machine and sewing very slowly. It works and it's amazingly realistic of the veins on a leaf.
So far it measures 40 1/2 inches square..... Love it!!!
Make sure you pop over to Judy's blog to see what other quilters are up to.


Doniene said...

WOWZA!!!!! The State Seal is totally amazing!!! Showed it to hubby and he was totally impressed!! Being from Texas, too, makes it more memorable!! But I'm also impressed - an artistic quilt and a geometric quilt all in one post!!! Will wonders never cease!! Love the star one!! What a great scrappy quilt!

Blessings to you this fine day, lovely lady!!

Gene Black said...

Your Texas medallion is becoming quite the showstopper.

Fiesta said...

I agree with everyone. That Texas medallion is definetely prize worthy!!

swooze said...

Haven't been around to your blog in awhile. Thought I would stop and say hello!

Merilyn said...

Your Texas medallion is growing well, like a round robin, I'm enjoying seeing each addition as you progress, it is looking so good already!!!!

Margie said...

Just wanted to say that I really like the picture at the top. Also liked the one of the fire. Made me feel all warm a cozy. Take Care

Beatriz said...

I´ve got your angry bird pinned to my Yarn and Fabric Pinterest board. Hope you don´t mind but I can delete it if you want me to.

Barbara McCollough said...

I love the Nickel Quilt books and have both of them. I had the priviledge of taking a class in Nashville, TN from Pat Speth. We did the Millennium Star quilt in that class. My favorite quilt pattern is in the More Nickel Quilts book. It's the Texas Star. I am working on my 3rd one right now. On another note, Pat Speth will be our quilt guild's guest speaker in April. She is also doing a workshop and we are going to make a lap quilt from one of her patterns. I may choose the Idaho Beauty because yours is beautiful. Have a fun retreat! Barbara


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