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Jan 17, 2012

There's A Frog In My Hair!

I swear, I'm never going outside without protection again.
As most of you know, I live in central-ish Texas where the weather is always changing. One day hot the next cold..... make that changing from nearly moment to moment... today, it was a balmy 71 degrees, just perfect of working in the yard... a slight cloudy day but I can work with that....... but I'm babbling.
So I was outside raking leaves, minding my own business when suddenly something plopped onto my head. At this point I'm thinking it's a small branch that's come loose from my red oak and landed on my head.
Did I mention that I don't like surprises.
I reach up to brush it away and my hand connects with something slightly moist, wiggly and it was soft. Not a branchy, hard, rough feeling at all.  Of course I panicked went into survivor mode and carefully brush off the offending critter (NOT). Let's just say it was not a pretty picture. Leaves, my rake, gloves and one tennis shoe went in a counter clockwise directional pattern, the frog landed safely several feet from me (unharmed, I might add) and I wound up bottom first on the ground.  Can you say "upset" cause I really was.
Did I mention that I don't like things that flutter, fly, leap, hop, crawl, creep, slither, limp, wiggle, etc.
I would have posted about the incident right after it happened but I was too traumatized to do anything but have a stiff glass of iced tea and downed a couple of aspirin and a Tea cake to soothe my nerves.
I thought frogs hibernated during the winter. I guess he didn't get the memo.
Note to self....... New plan when raking leaves..... suit up in my hunting gear..... loaded for bear!
I pulled this photo out of the archives to remind myself how to dress when going out into my very dangerous, critter filled yard. I think I need a check list, too......
long sleeved shirt-check
pants that can be tucked into boots-check
protective head gear-check
 and then there's the all important fire arm with plenty ammo-check.
I'll be ready next time..... I hope.


JustCindy said...

Frogs are nasty little boogers. I say you had the perfect reaction.

Gene Black said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gene Black said...

LOL.. be glad you have princesses and not little frog totin' boys!

Barb said...

You are just killing me, that is soooooooooooooo funny, sorry for laughing...in Samoa it would have been a guecko...

Pat said...

I am like you....don't care for any kind of critter that has fast, unpredictable (to ME) motion! I'd have freaked out right along with you. I'd have been brave enough to help you by brushing it out of your hair but then would have been doing the screaming, jumping-up-and-down stomp right along with you!!! YUCK!!!

Paula TheQuilter said...

O my! You should warn a person with an alert. I had a mouthful of coffee and barely got it down before I started laughing! I can just imagine, 'cause I am the same way with spiders.

Doniene said...

You always make me smile (laugh!!!) Wish I had been a squirrel in a tree and watched the whole episode!!

Have a great "frog free" day!!

Patty said...

He he he! Are looking for a prince? you know ya gotta kill I mean kiss a lot of frogs. Thanks for making my day!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my! What a sticky surprise!
Funny, though. It made a perfect story the way you put it!

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We´re just starting this blog, so this is a first gear action.

I´ll love to send it abroad and become international! LOL

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Joanne Lendaro said...

Now Rhonda....is that really the proper reaction for a Science Teacher??? hahahahahaha!! Sorry sweetie but I had a good laugh at your post.

harrispen said...

Well I haven't had a frog land on my head, but I have had similar panics when working in the yard and some sort of bug lands on my head or neck. Usually my husband laughs hysterically and then helps me get up off the ground where I have flung myself (or tripped) to get away from the monster.

Glad you are safe from flying frogs now.


Quilter Kathy said...

That is a riot! So glad to hear you survived the frog attack!

Vicki said...

I'm still chuckling, but know that if it was me, I'd be right there with you. I hate unknown things landing on me!


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