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Jan 24, 2012

Stripping Away

I blogged about this yesterday and have been sewing my little heart out trying to get rid of use up some of my stash. But I swear, the more I sew, the more that seems to multiply. I started out with a very large bag of scraps and I've ended up with a very large bag of scraps. It's bottomless.
However I do love the way this project is turning out. So far it's an 8 by 10 row quilt blocks....... each block is five inches square which will sew in at 4 1/2 inches. I don't have to match seams which is a plus (translations... I won't have to use pins, YEA!). With this type of sewing, if you iron each row in the opposite directions, the seams will automatically lock together as you sew two rows together, then four rows, etc., etc., etc. I'll probably come back with a 1 1/2 inch stop border, maybe some piano keys just to use up more scraps and then a final border.... but we'll see.
I'm still deciding on what type of ties I need for my "boot" seat covers and thanks to several of my blogging buddies, I have an idea of what I'm going to use in the center of my "font" calendar.
So much to do..... so little time!


Anonymous said...

This looks great, Rhonda! This full scrap bin story sounds like something I´ve heard before - the more you give the more you get! Isn´t it great?
I´m getting encouraged to do the same just to see scraps multiply!:)))

Gene Black said...

The strip quilt is a great way to use scraps, but like you discovered, they never seem to go away.

Pat said...

I've collected strips for a couple of years and have a HUGE basket of them. I really need to start using them. It looks as if you did a little bit of "planning" in that it looks as if you used the same (or similar) fabric in each of the blocks at some point....and that really pulls it all together nicely.

Rosa said...

These stunning.I love string blocks !

Needled Mom said...

They do seem to multiply, but it is such a great use of strips.

Sandra :) said...

You stripper you!!! I seem to have found the un-bottomless scrap bag, as I used up all my scraps making string blocks and had to actually cut into stash fabric (and one of hubby's worn out work shirts, LOL) to get fabric to finish my strings! I make mine bigger because - well - I'm lazy :D Mine are 9.5" unfinished, so I generally set them 6 x 8 for a 54 x 72" quilt. These are donation quilts so I back them with a 2 metre piece of fleece that doesn't need to be pieced for the width :)

harrispen said...

It's sort of like the loaves and the fishes. They never seem to run out.


Paula TheQuilter said...

Love that fabric you used in the center of each block! The eye just automatically goes there.

Merilyn said...

Your string blocks are going to make a great quilt! I have loved making them in the past, the quilts always look wonderful!!!


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