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Jan 18, 2012


Therapeutic folding was very much needing after my traumatic experience with the frog.  Just thinking about the little varmit (that's Texas talk for unsavory critter) makes me shiver.  So I'm out in the "sewing studio" folding and refolding fabric to my heart's content.
I'm finding some fabrics that I didn't know I had.... imagine that! Those are going on top so I can find them and use them up. Also refolding helps to keep the fabrics fresh in my mind and creases from being permanent, if you know what I mean.
I pulled out one of my long tables to help with the folding and then I neatly place the folded fabrics back on the shelves.
Ah, I'm feeling much better!


kheli said...

Fabric fondling is a sure balm to a troubled soul.

Your attack frog made me laugh!!!

(I would do the same thing!)

JustCindy said...

You deserve several days of fabric fondling.

Sandra :) said...

I find fabric fondling very calming and peaceful - in fact, I have 7 FQ's on the coffee table beside me that I've already washed/dried - now I'm folding and admiring/fondling them :D Not quite ready to take them downstairs yet ... LOL!

Barb said...

If you still don't have it out of your system, I know where there is more fabric you can fold (smiling).

Fiesta said...

Your fabric looks great.

Gene Black said...

If you need to fold more fabric, I am closer than Barb, just sayin'

Joanne Lendaro said...

Gene & Barb are too funny!! sounds like a wonderful day!!

Pat said...

Your fabric all looks so nice. Good thing you didn't come across any fabric with a frog print on it while folding, though....LOL

Anonymous said...

Would you like to spend sometime over my place? I´ve got a lot to learn from you!


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