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If you are a "non-responder or OpenID-er" which to me means I have no way of responding to a comment that you've left, please leave a way for me to get in touch with you, especially if you're participating in a blog give-away or if you are asking for information or links.
By leaving your email within your comment, I can find you. I realize that this is sometimes a scary thing to do with scams and all but if you disguise the email as say.....
me at yahoo dot com
this is the perfect way to hide from the unwanted eye. So please help me out if you are one of the non-responders.
Thank you, in advance.....Ravelly Rhonda!!

Jan 13, 2012


I really shouldn't mention this but Gene is hosting a great give-away. So if you're interested, pop over and read all about it.


Beatriz said...

Hi, Rhonda!

I have noticed an upper bar asking about whether the reader wants to get it translated or not when visiting blogs with a language different than the one assigned. That´s why I thought a translation bars wasný necessary. I´ll make sure to include the gadget, though. I´m proud to have you coming here!

Pat said...

I also posted about it....anything to get an extra chance to win...LOL!!!


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