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Oct 11, 2011

Card Shark - Mystery Round Robin

It all started at a retreat a few years ago. If you read my previous post "Autumn," you have begun to see a pattern when it comes to something wacky happening at all retreats that me and my wacky girlfriends attend.
Anyway, several of us had UFO blocks and mini quilt tops that didn't seem to go with anything.
One lady got it into her head that we all just had to use those blocks in a "round robin" no less.  Of course, I had NO idea what a round robin was but was eager to participate (OMG, someone should have hit me over the head).
This is the mini center that I started with.  It's very unusual (so me) something I was experimenting with half square triangles and solid blocks but never got any further (so me, again).
We all signed up and two groups were formed with a vague idea of mailing each others' rounds.... did that make sense? I sure hope so because I can't explain it any better (so me, once more). Also, in each package were scraps of the fabrics we wanted used in each of our quilts with instructions of using more scraps from each participant's as well.
Rounds two and three, I think. Hey, it was a long time ago. Round 2 was the star blocks and fillers at the top and bottom.  Round 3 was the geometric side to side designs (someone is laughing about now with the mention of geometric)
Round 4 were the four patches.  Round 5 were the corner card shapes.  BTW, I think that the quilt took on the "Card" theme as the rounds developed.  It was not suggested in the beginning but a pleasant surprise.
Round 6, Molly thought that there was too much black area so she added the card deck.  Very ingenious of her.
Molly used a fabric photo print technique which is very popular these days, easily found if you Google about it.
The final round is this fantastic woven border which I absolutely love. This robin lasted about 6 to 8 months and we did the reveal at another retreat.  I was totally surprised to see everyone's efforts.  Love the quilt which measures 70 by 78.  Quilting will come one of these days..... LOL


JustCindy said...

The quilt turned out great. Of course, I love the red and black together.

Pat said...

Your gals may be wacky, but they are also very clever AND talented!!! That quilt took on a life of its own and is great!!! It's very unique...that's for sure!

Kathy said...

I remember that quilt! Love it! hmmmm....wonder what will happen this fall?????????? LOL

Merilyn said...

Round Robins are a leap of faith! I have never participted in one yet, yours turned out wonderfully!!!

Barb said...

The quilt turned out wonderful!

Sandra :) said...

You ladies just have too much fun together, lol! The quilt is amazing - when I saw your centre block my first thought was that it reminded me of a Card Trick block, so I can see how the card theme developed!

(My word verification word is "amusn" - how appropos, lol!)


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