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Oct 7, 2011


I've often talked about my "wacky" girlfriends who come up with loads of crazy ideas usually involving something painful, well not painful but some loony sewing project.  The following is one of the first weird things we participated in years ago before I knew what I was really getting into.
But first, these are the "sisters" I'm so fond of.  As you can see, they have influenced me and not in a good way.... LOL  One of our beloved sisters passed away over a year ago (Jerri, seated in floral) but she is always with us in spirit and always manages to make us laugh to this day.  Her favorite line.... "Not it!" when we hatched with some outrageous idea.
 This project started as a wild idea at a retreat years ago. I think one of the girls had had a couple of too strong coffees or something. Anyway, we all wound up at a local quilt shop with goals of looking for a fabric for each of us.  Something unusual that could be use as a background. I chose the  marble-y brownish woodsy sort.... boy was that a mouth full.
 Once each of us chose and purchased our background fabrics, we brainstormed about what to do next. Notice we tend to plan as we go.... LOL
My theme was "Autumn" and each person was to make one or two block with that theme in mind.
Some of the ladies really got creative and ambitious.

One group member decided to make hands and hearts to go in each quilt top.
Note the spider in this block..... very funny, someone.... very funny!
I was really happy with the overall quilt and how well the background fabric worked out. At the time this was made, I was not very good at making sure the quilt squared up but it was definitely a learning experience and one of "MANY" that I've ventured into with my "wacky" girlfriends.
Final measurement 44" X 62"


Andrea said...

Wow - it is amazing. Your friends may all be a little mad but they are talented too - lol. Have a lovely weekend Rhonda xxx

Pat said...

What a fun quilt....sounds like a group I'd really enjoy....too bad I live so far away! (I'm kind of wacky, too!!!)

JustCindy said...

You gals do more fun things. The quilt is great!! I love it.

Merilyn said...

What a great group of girls to sew with!!! I enjoy my Quiltbee group as well, we bounce ideas and inspiration from each other all the time!!!!

Doniene said...

What wonderful friends!!! Lovely quilt too!!


Heidi said...

It's a pleasure to see such mad and creative friends making wonderful things!The quilt is just great!

Gene Black said...

Wacky people are not afraid to try something creative. There is a certain freedom with not taking yourself too seriously.

Quilter Kathy said...

What a great idea! I find that this is a difficult kind of quilt to put together with all the different sizes of blocks. Do you have any tips on how to assemble a quilt like this?

Sandra :) said...

What a fun group of ladies - with something in common, I see - the need for really strong glasses!! ;)

The quilt is just beautiful, and knowing your friends all contributed to it makes it extra special - you must smile every time you look at it!


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