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Sep 21, 2011


This quilt is what I call a "mixer" because I have incorporated the blocks from one of my favorite authors.
Bea Oglesby is fantastic quilter, designer and author of several applique' books. I looked through the books, chose what I loved the most then began gathering fabrics from my stash. And I must say that choosing fabrics was just as much fun as the actual making of each block and this is a great way to get rid of use up some of that fabric.  As I found the fabrics I placed them in clear sleeves along with a photo-copy of the block I wanted to make. All of this was kept in a 3 ring binder. For once I was organized..... LOL
One the blocks were made, then came deciding how to put the quilt together. I was looking in a quilting magazine (can't remember which one) and saw an Attic Window article...... lightbulb moment!!!  I really love how this turned out.

Measures 64 by 64.


Fiesta said...

It is beautiful Rhonda. Are the flowers appliqued or did you use the embroidery machine?

Gene Black said...

I love the butterflies and birds sprinkled in among the flowers.

Doniene said...

Absolutely LOVERLY!!! I too love the attic windows and as always your appliques is awesome!!


JustCindy said...

Beautiful! Which method of applique' did you use?

Barb said...

Totally fabulous!!!

Merilyn said...

A lot of work in there Rhonda!! Your quilt turned out beautifully and I think the setting is just perfect, well done!!!

Stitchin' time said...

This is lovely. I think I need a 3 ring binder and some sleeves!

Joanne Lendaro said...

PERFECT way to set those blocks! Stroke of genius, I'd say!

Betty C said...

The flowers are beautiful and the attic windows frame them wonderfully.
"Flowers in the Attic", although there is a book named that already!

Sandra :) said...

It's gorgeous, Rhonda - my favourite block is the red trillium! White trilliums are Ontario's provincial flower - the red ones are rarer, and it's always a bit special to find a red one in the forest during spring walks :)

I love your 3 ring binder organizational idea - I might borrow it --- I have so many plans in my mind but when it comes time to git 'r done, I forget what I was planning to do, lol!


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