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Jun 9, 2011

When Nature Calls

Hi everyone...... I'm back..... took a rest from blogging to process all that squash, bell peppers, zucchini and tomatoes.... whew!
Now back to my regularly scheduled programs.... ehehehehe

Take a look at these fabrics... click to enlarge if need be.
These fabrics are the ones we look at in our favorite quilt store but most of the time we pass them by.
Not me!  For some crazy reason I am drawn to them but after the purchase..... what to do with them????
Here's my solution.
When Nature Calls is my new project.... can you guess what it's all about?
When I was a little girl my grandparents still had an outhouse (1950s) even though we had a bathroom with all the amenities. 
But I loved the outhouse..... I was 5 years old and very inquisitive... yea, that's it.
The other day I was rearranging my fabrics, sorting, refolding, fondling and such when I ran across all my strange fabrics..... I new project began to take shape of how I finally wanted to use these types of fabrics.
Block #1
Block #2
These two outhouses were my first attempt and I'm very happy with them.  Stay tuned because I'll be showing and telling how I managed to make a great little quilt from the outhouse theme.
(Blocks measure 11 1/2 inches)


Doniene said...

Cute!!! My grandparents had an outhouse, too. They didn't put in a bathroom until about 1964ish. I'm looking forward to the quilt!

Merilyn said...

I actually love these little 'out-house' blocks!!! Out-houses or dry toilets were a very common feature here in Australia especially in the outback/rural areas! Some were were very rudimentary but some were beautifully made and decorated! I will follow this project with great interest!!!

Pat said...

I, too, love texture-looking fabrics...rocks...bricks...wood....tree bark...etc. So...I love your fabrics. Can't say I love outhouses, though...used one once and my gag reflex got a HUGE workout there. NOT a memory I like to recall. LOL But...you surely have a unique quilt idea!!! (Used my tote you made for me to carry a quilt somewhere yesterday and got HUGE compliments on it....I really am enjoying it!!!)

Fiesta said...

Those are the prettiest outhouses I have ever seen.

Marie said...

Rhonda your such an artist--love these little outhouses and look forward toseeing more. All that I saw of these things were not as pretty as yours!! Miss you my blogging buddy. Hugs,Marie

Gene Black said...

I remember outhouses. None of the ones I used as a child looked as nice as yours.
I think you should do one with an open door and a Sears & Roebuck catalogue inside! Ha ha.

Margie said...

Ohhhh the memories, and the gooseberry bush that you had to walk past to get to the outhouse. I then remember when they put in the new bathroom and how proud they were of it. Can't forget the catalogs either!

Joanne Lendaro said...

LOVE them all!! I'm catching up on your blog, and love the next one better than the last! CAN'T wait to see them all together!!


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