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Jun 27, 2011

Snakes & Rabbits & Deer, Oh My

Gun Smoke was one of the western TV shows that I grew up watching.  Matthew Dillon, Miss Kitty, Doc & Festus, just to name a few.
One episode that comes to mind was Doc talking to Marshal Dillon where the doctor was explaining that he'd had a long night with a family where he was delivering the woman's twins. Matthew asked if the woman was okay, Doc saying that yes she was fine but that twins were unexpected and difficult to deliver...... Festus burst into the conversation asking, "Doc, what did you say she had?" Doc responded, "She had twins." Festus said, "Well Matthew, I don't know about twins but there were two of em!" Doc's head dropped to his chest in utter disgust.

Where am I going with that little walk down memory lane?????? One, at the time my family and I laughed out loud because Doc was so exasperated with Festus and two, that story was a cute way to jump into my next section.
I awoke to frolicking twin fawns in my back yard. Their mom is in the bushes on the other side of the fence. They were so cute, I stood in my window watching for some time.
In other breaking news around here...... the other evening just as dusk (9ish) I walking out to my bird feeder to take it in.... remember Mr. Raccoon eats the feed if I leave the feeder out.... well anyway, what awaited me under the feeder but a "chicken snake.!"  EeeeKkkkk! Sorry no picture and I won't repeat what I actually said but to make a long story short.... the snake is no longer with us.... I used a flat blade shovel to dispatch said snake. BTW, the snake was about three and a half feet long.
Finally, a couple of rabbits have taken up residents very close to my garden fence. The little fence is too tall for them to hop or jump over it but they can reach their little noses into it enough to get in a nibble or two. Can't get a photo of them... each time I've tried, they either run away or I wind up chasing them around and around and around the fence until they wear me down and I give up and go inside.
The animals are getting smarter.
I'm going to have to regroup.


Doniene said...

Gunsmoke was one of my favorites!! along with Bonanza! Oh the good ole days.

The twins are cute. About 2 weeks ago, we say triplets as we went to feed cows. I didn't have my camera - wasn't expecting to see such cuties! They were in a wheat field and when we drove by, mama snorted and they all flattened down like pancakes!!!


JustCindy said...

I grew up on Gunsmoke also. The twins are just too cute and I love rabbits.

Barb said...

You are one tough cookie....

and yes, Gunsmoke was something that I remember watching also....

Sandra :) said...

"Your" fawns are just adorable - we're too close to the city to get such lovely wildlife - squirrels/chipmunks, raccoons, the occasional wild bunny, coyotes a couple of times - that's about all we get (we hear the coyotes, I haven't actually seen them, thankfully). I haven't seen a snake in a long time - I'd take off so fast all anyone would see would be a blur as I head for parts FAR AWAY, lol!

Marie said...

Love watching the reruns of Gunsmoke everynight my hubby loves the western channel. HOpe all is well with you. Hugs, Marie

Merilyn said...

Oh my goodness! never killed a snake, that must have taken some doing! The little fawns are just gorgeous!!!


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