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May 22, 2011

Please Don't Adjust Your Screen

If you're wondering why my bird feeder is askew, I'll tell you...... a raccoon got to it.  Yep, you heard correctly, a raccoon.  Did I mention I don't like anything that's furry and wears a mask!
I love watching the tweeters as they feed and flutter around the feeder and all was well until the other night. By morning, the feeder was on the ground with no bird food in sight. I refilled the feeder and it happened again, so I tied the feeder to a branch of the Crepe Myrtle and to a metal rod thinking there was no way the little critter could get to the bird food..... silly me! The little bandit's paws are very similar to a human's.  Those little digets pulled, tuged, pinched and proded until the feeder wound up in the position you are looking at. It reeked of "in your face, human!"
I've now resorted to bringing in the feeder at dusk but believe you me, something will come to mind very soon.  Score one of the raccoon.


Gene Black said...

Sheesh! I have "fought" with squirrels over a feeder, but never a raccoon. One of my friends had one crawling up on her second story deck to drink the nectar from her hummingbird feeders.

I think you should get the "wild hog" cousins to go after it.

Pat said...

I think Gene is on the right track here.

Joanne Lendaro said...

hahaha!! Gene is too funny! Good luck dealing with that critter!

Barb said...

Those racoons never give up.....


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