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Mar 14, 2011

In Memory of.....

Yesterday was the first annivesary of the passing of my very dear girlfriend, Jerri Hendrix.
I use to wonder what it meant when someone said that they knew someone who is the life of the party......I'd never met anyone that fit that bill until I met Jerri.
We met via our love of quilting and traveling.  Most of you know I'm a member of a group......"WackyPac" quilters......Jerri was in that group.  The girl was a barrel of laughs, a great listener and a wonderful road trip buddy.
We often laughed at Jerri's quick wit and catch phrases such as....."Not it" when she didn't want to do something......."&#*(% Bunny".........."I get the schematic"......"Try page 126 of your Janome Handbook".......
I know these little tidbits are weird to you all......but are precious and funny to the "Wackies".......one of those, you had to be there moments.
When Jerri was very ill and recovering in the hospital for weeks the other year, we decided to send her get well cards each day, just to cheer her up and keep here in the loop of the group, so to speak.....Jerri was very happy to receive the cards, but in Jerri fashion....after about 30 cards, she said, "Guys, I love these but, damn could you stop it....I don't have enough wall space to hang all of them!"
I made the video to ease the pain of our group when we lost Jerri to cancer last March.  Each time I watch this video, the different parts make me laugh and cry all at once but it also keeps Jerri close to me and our little group.  The song I chose is upbeat and perks the spirit, just as Jerri always did.
You're always in my heart, girlfriend!


Kathy said...

Sniff, sniff, sniff!!! I miss her!

Pat said...

I'm sure Jerri knows how you are feeling and was happy to be such an important part of your life and the lives of the other wackos (oops...I mean wackies...wait...I'm not sure that sounds any better...LOL)

Marie said...

What a video- the tear are flowing and I never met her but you can feel the love you have for her, thanks so much for sharing with us. Love you!!

Barb said...

What a sweet tribute to your friend, I know you hold her close to your heart, it is not easy losing a friend...

Gene Black said...

That is a great tribute.

I think in the few things you told us, you captured some of her spirit. (For some reason, "Try page 126 of your Janome Handbook" reminds me of a certain phrase that a friend of mine uses - but I won't repeat it here)

Julie said...

Such a sweet way to remember a friend.

Joanne Lendaro said...

What a wonderful tribute. I'm sure she is smiling on your little group of ladies...hugs to you all.


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