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Oct 9, 2010

Rx For Quilters

If you haven't heard of or don't have this little book.......it is well worth your money. It's "Rx for Quilters - Stitcher-Friendly Advice for Every BODY" - author: Susan Delaney Mech, M.D.
In this book you will read about posture, back pain, sitting, you muscles, standing, long arm quilting, rotary cutting, customizing your furniture to fit your body's comfort for quilting, exercises.......I could go on and on and on.........better still.....but this great book published by C&T Publishing.  You won't be sorry!!!
Paula just told me that you can now get the book in PDF form from C&T. Thanks Paula.


paula, the quilter said...

Did you know you can download this book as a pdf file from the C&T site?

Brenda said...

It is so important to pay attention to all of the points that you mentioned. Thanks for sharing and reminding us!

Gari said...

She was on a quilting show a few years ago and showed the proper height for sewing machines and chairs as well as other pieces of advice. She has lots of good information.

Crazy Amy said...

As a newbie to quilting, I've been trying to crash course the how the heck to make a quilt the last few weeks and sure can not wait to get this! Thanks for the info. I finally made a Sawtooth Star mini quilt yesterday and am sorta proud it actually turned out without being wonky. I love your blog it is soooo helpful!


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